Top 10 Best AI Image Generation Apps for iOS and Android

Top 10 AI Image Generation Apps for iOS and Android

Discover the top 10 AI image generation apps for iOS and Android, revolutionizing photography with creative freedom and stunning results.


The way we engage with photos and images on our smartphones has completely changed in the age of technology thanks to AI image-generating apps. These programs improve, modify, and produce amazing graphics using artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms. The best 10 AI picture-generating applications for iOS and Android smartphones will be discussed in this article. Every program has distinctive features and skills that meet various creative needs, from straightforward artistic alterations to sophisticated filtering.

Top 10 AI Image Generation Apps for iOS and Android

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1. Lensa:

Lensa is a capable AI image creation tool that provides a number of capabilities to easily enhance your photos. With just a few touches, users of Lensa can enhance photographs, remove obtrusive items, add artistic effects, and make other alterations. A standout feature of the app is its AI-powered background editing tool, which enables users to precisely modify or blur backgrounds.

2. YouCam Makeup:

An AI-powered beauty software called YouCam Makeup offers users virtual makeup applications and aesthetic changes. It provides an extensive selection of makeup looks and finishing touches that can be added in real time to selfies or photos. The app’s cutting-edge facial recognition technology makes sure that the user’s makeup looks natural and blends in with their face.

3. Fotor:

A feature-rich photo editing app with strong AI capabilities is called Fotor. To improve your photographs, it provides a variety of editing tools, filters, and effects. Brightness, contrast, and other factors are automatically adjusted in your photographs by Fotor’s AI enhancement tool to improve their aesthetic appeal. Additionally, users can isolate subjects and make amazing compositions with the aid of the app’s AI background removal function.

4. DeepArt:

DeepArt is a cutting-edge AI image creation program that uses deep networks of neurons to turn your photos into amazing works of art. The app’s AI algorithms are trained on well-known pieces of art, enabling users to include well-known artists’ aesthetics in their own photographs. An intriguing method of transforming common images into works of art is provided by DeepArt.

5. Jasper:

A simple interface and robust editing tools come together in the AI-based photo editing software Jasper. The software employs artificial intelligence to automatically adjust exposure, color balance, and sharpness, producing photographs with a professional appearance. Jasper also provides artistic filters and effects to give your photographs a special touch.

6. DALL-E 2:

A powerful AI image creation tool called DALL-E 2 goes beyond classic filters and effects. It makes use of cutting-edge technology to create completely unique graphics from user inputs and instructions. By defining the scene they want to create, users can produce original artwork that DALL-E 2 will then visualize using AI.

7. PicsArt:

With the help of a creative community and AI-powered tools, PicsArt is a flexible photo editing app. It offers a variety of editing capabilities, such as complex blending choices, artistic effects, and background removal powered by AI. Additionally, users can share their works and find creative inspiration from others on PicsArt’s social platform.

8. Canva:

Canva is a well-known graphic design tool that employs AI to streamline the production of eye-catching designs. Users can customize a variety of themes, drawings, and photos for social media postings, marketing materials, presentations, and other uses. Canva is a go-to tool for both pros and non-designers due to its user-friendly UI and AI-powered design suggestions.

9. FaceApp :

FaceApp’s AI-powered face modification features have greatly increased its popularity. Users can dramatically alter their appearance by adding smiles, changing their hairstyles, and even aging or de-aging themselves. Although the app aroused interest and debate, it is still one of the most popular AI photo editing apps.

10. Remini:

An AI-powered tool called Remini is dedicated to improving old or low-resolution photos. Remini may revitalize priceless memories by restoring faded photographs, reducing noise, and enhancing features through the use of complex algorithms.

Pros and Cons:




Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

AI-powered filters enhance facial features, Smoothens skin, and correct imperfections, Offer creative effects

Some advanced features may require a premium subscription

Limited scope for non-portrait photography

YouCam Makeup


Real-time makeup try-on

AI filters enhance facial features

Extensive collection of makeup styles and Integrated beauty community

Heavy focus on beauty and makeup, limited appeal for other photography genres

Some makeup products may not align perfectly with the user’s facial features



Versatile photo editing tools

AI-powered scene recognition and enhancement Tons of filters and effects

Collage maker and graphic design features

Some advanced features and premium filters may require in-app purchases

Occasional performance issues reported by users



A unique concept that combines AI with artistic styles

Wide range of artistic filters and High-quality image transformations

Limited control over the level of artistic style applied to the image

Processing times can be slower for high-resolution photos



Specialized in landscape photography enhancements

AI-powered filters for natural beauty

Tools for personalized edits

Limited scope for portrait and other photography genres

Some users may prefer more manual control over editing options




Cutting-edge AI technology for converting text descriptions into images

Unleashes creativity and is Ideal for artists and storytellers

A Glimpse into AI Creativity

Limited to text-based inputs, may not suit all users’ preferences

Images may not always match exact user expectations



Extensive collection of AI filters and effects

Social platform to share and discover creative works

Regular updates and community challenges

Frequent ads and promotional content may disrupt the user experience

Some advanced features may require a subscription or in-app purchases




-Extensive library of design elements and templates

AI-powered background removal

Collaborative tools and an Intuitive drag-and-drop interface

Some advanced features and premium elements are behind a paywall

Limited to graphic design; not a dedicated photo editing app



Entertaining and interactive AI filters for fun face transformations

Advanced portrait editing tools and Virtual gender swapping

-Some filters may be considered controversial or insensitive

Limited photo editing features outside of face-related enhancements



Specialized in restoring and enhancing old and low-resolution photos

Impressive AI-powered upscaling and Easy-to-use interface

Focus primarily on photo restoration, limited creative features

Processing times can vary based on photo size and complexity


Apps that use AI to create images have created intriguing new opportunities for mobile photography and artistic expression. Every program on this list has distinctive features and functionalities that may be customized to suit a variety of editing requirements and aesthetic preferences. These AI-powered apps are at your disposal if you want to improve your selfies, produce beautiful artwork, or build eye-catching designs.


Are these AI image-generation apps compatible with both iOS and Android devices?

Yes, all the apps listed in this article are available for both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring accessibility to a wider user base.

Do these apps require a stable internet connection for their AI features?

While some AI image generation apps rely on an internet connection for cloud processing, many offer offline capabilities for basic editing and enhancements.

Are there any privacy concerns with using AI image-generation apps?

Like any app that uses AI and processes images, it’s essential to be mindful of your data and privacy. Always review the app’s privacy policy and consider the information you share.

Can these apps replace professional photo editing software?

AI image-generation apps offer powerful editing capabilities, but they may not entirely replace specialized software for professional photographers or graphic designers.

Are there any in-app purchases or subscription fees for these apps?

While many AI image generation apps offer free versions, they often provide premium features or content through in-app purchases or subscription models.


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