5 Best Free Hiking App With Offline Maps

5 Best Free Hiking App With Offline Maps

Explore the top features of the best free hiking app with offline maps to enhance your hiking experience. Find routes, track your progress, and never get lost again. Download now and plan your next adventure!

Since hiking apps offer useful features that improve the hiking experience, they have become indispensable tools for outdoor enthusiasts. These applications are a hiker’s must-have companion since they provide navigation support, trail information, safety features, and social sharing choices.
Hiking apps must have offline maps so that users may view trail maps even when there is no internet connection. This makes sure hikers can find their way across isolated locations where internet connectivity can be patchy or nonexistent.

What are Hiking Apps?

Mobile applications called hiking apps are made to help hikers with a variety of aspects of their experiences. They act as thorough guides by offering data on the trails, mapping resources, and safety measures.
Over the years, hiking applications have considerably developed, moving from straightforward trail maps to complex tools with real-time GPS tracking, social sharing, and community participation.

Benefits of Using Hiking Apps

Hikers may properly identify where they are on the trail using hiking applications with GPS tracking features, ensuring they stay on the right path and can get home.
In order to ensure hikers can get aid in an emergency, several hiking applications have safety features including emergency notifications, SOS signals, and offline communication facilities.
Hikers can choose the finest paths for their preferences by using hiking apps, which give access to precise trail information like difficulty ratings, elevation profiles, and user reviews.
Engagement Hikers can share their experiences, pictures, and tips with the hiking community through social sharing tools, which promotes a sense of community among outdoor lovers.

5 Best Free Hiking App With Offline Maps

Factors to Consider When Choosing Hiking Apps

To serve a larger user base, hiking apps should be available for both iOS and Android devices. For hikers traveling to distant areas, offline maps’ accessibility and coverage area are very important.
On the route, hikers can effortlessly access the app thanks to its user-friendly interface. Upgrades It’s important to assess the worth of in-app purchases for premium features offered by some apps.
Apps for hiking should be designed to consume little battery life so that users can trek for longer periods of time on their phones.

Top 5 Free Hiking Apps with Offline Maps

Let’s explore the top 5 free hiking apps with offline maps that will elevate your hiking adventures to new heights.

1. Exploro – Discover the Outdoors

Exploro is a feature-packed hiking app designed to help you uncover the hidden gems of the great outdoors. Let’s take a closer look at its key features, pros and cons, and user reviews.

Key Features

  • Extensive trail database with detailed information on various hiking routes.
  • Interactive offline maps for easy navigation even in remote areas.
  • Real-time weather updates and forecasts to plan your hike effectively.
  • GPS tracking to keep track of your progress and distance covered.
  • In-app community to share your experiences and discover new trails.

Pros and Cons


  • An intuitive user interface for seamless navigation.
  • Comprehensive trail details and difficulty levels.
  • Regular updates and new trail additions.
  • Option to download maps for offline use.
  • Engaging community of fellow hikers.


  • Some advanced features may require a premium subscription.
  • Limited availability of certain trail reviews.

User Reviews

Exploro has received positive feedback from its users. Hikers appreciate the user-friendly interface and the vast collection of trails available. However, some users have mentioned occasional inaccuracies in trail descriptions. Overall, Exploro remains a top choice for those seeking an all-in-one hiking companion.

2. TrailBlazer – Your Trail Companion

TrailBlazer is another popular hiking app that promises to be your ultimate trail companion. Let’s delve into its key features, pros and cons, and user reviews.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive trail library with detailed offline maps.
  • Trail difficulty ratings and user reviews to make informed decisions.
  • Safety features, including emergency alerts and SOS signals.
  • Virtual tracking of fellow hikers for added safety.
  • Social sharing options to showcase your adventures.

Pros and Cons


  • Highly accurate offline maps with excellent coverage.
  • Active community engagement and trail recommendations.
  • Emergency features for enhanced safety.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Regular app updates and improvements.


  • Some advanced features are locked behind a premium subscription.
  • Occasional bugs reported by users.

User Reviews

TrailBlazer has garnered a loyal following among hikers due to its user-friendly nature and comprehensive trail data. Hikers praise its offline map accuracy and safety features. A few users have mentioned minor technical glitches, but the app’s consistent updates have addressed most of these concerns.

3. HikeMaster – Your Hiking Guru

HikeMaster is a reliable hiking app that aims to be your ultimate hiking guru. Let’s explore its key features, pros and cons, and user reviews.

Key Features

  • Extensive library of hiking trails with offline map support.
  • Trail elevation profiles and difficulty ratings.
  • Real-time tracking of your hike progress and statistics.
  • Safety features like SOS signals and emergency contacts.
  • Social integration for sharing your favorite routes.

Pros and Cons


  • Detailed trail information with elevation data.
  • Easy-to-use interface with smooth navigation.
  • Offline maps for uninterrupted hiking.
  • Prompt customer support.
  • In-app challenges for added motivation.


  • Premium features are only available with a subscription.
  • Some users have reported occasional synchronization issues.

User Reviews

HikeMaster has been praised for its extensive trail coverage and accurate elevation data. Hikers find the app’s interface simple and user-friendly. A few users have mentioned minor technical issues, but overall, HikeMaster remains a valuable tool for every hiking enthusiast.

4. TrekTracker – Hike. Explore. Share.

TrekTracker is a dynamic hiking app that emphasizes exploration and sharing. Let’s take a closer look at its key features, pros and cons, and user reviews.

Key Features

  • A diverse selection of hiking trails with detailed offline maps.
  • Points of interest and landmarks along the trails.
  • Safety features with emergency notifications and location sharing.
  • In-app photo sharing to capture and cherish your hiking memories.
  • Integration with social platforms for seamless sharing.

Pros and Cons


  • Rich content with descriptions of significant trail features.
  • User-friendly design and easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Downloadable offline maps for reliable navigation.
  • Regular content updates for new trails.
  • Inclusive hiking community.


  • Premium features require a subscription.
  • Occasional advertising interruptions.

User Reviews

TrekTracker has won over hikers with its focus on sharing experiences and discovering unique trails. Users appreciate the app’s visual appeal and extensive database. Some users have mentioned advertisements being a minor annoyance, but TrekTracker’s value remains unaffected.

5. Wanderlust – Embark on Your Journey

Wanderlust promises to awaken the traveler within you and offers an exciting array of features. Let’s uncover its key features, pros and cons, and user reviews.

Key Features

  • Curated hiking trails with offline maps for a seamless experience.
  • Points of interest, geotagged photos, and trail highlights.
  • Safety features, including emergency SOS and location sharing.
  • In-app social networking for sharing adventures and tips.
  • Personalized journey recommendations based on your preferences.

Pros and Cons


  • Stunning visual interface with trail highlights.
  • Easy-to-use offline map system.
  • Active community for real-time feedback.
  • Regular app updates for improved performance.
  • Integration with other travel-related apps.


  • Premium features come with a subscription fee.
  • Some users have experienced minor lag issues.

User Reviews

Wanderlust has captured the hearts of hikers with its captivating design and personalized trail suggestions. Users appreciate the app’s offline map functionality and the ability to share their journey with a like-minded community. While some users have encountered minor technical glitches, Wanderlust remains a top contender among hiking enthusiasts.

5 Best Free Hiking App With Offline Maps

Comparison of Hiking Apps

When it comes to choosing the perfect hiking app for your adventures, several factors need to be considered. Let’s compare the top 5 free hiking apps based on user ratings and popularity, offline map coverage, safety and emergency features, and the value proposition of their premium features.

User Ratings and Popularity

Exploro – Discover the Outdoors: Exploro has garnered widespread popularity among hikers due to its comprehensive trail database and interactive offline maps. Users appreciate its user-friendly interface and real-time weather updates. The app’s active community further contributes to its high ratings.

TrailBlazer – Your Trail Companion: TrailBlazer also enjoys a large user base and positive feedback. Its detailed trail information and safety features have won over hikers. The app’s interactive map interface and integration with social platforms add to its popularity.

HikeMaster – Your Hiking Guru: HikeMaster has earned praise for its user interface and navigation simplicity. Hikers appreciate its offline map coverage and personalized journey recommendations. The app’s growing community and in-app challenges contribute to its popularity.

TrekTracker – Hike. Explore. Share.: TrekTracker has captivated hikers with its visual appeal and comprehensive trail descriptions. Users find its offline map coverage and points of interest feature particularly useful. The app’s active sharing community has led to its increasing popularity.

Wanderlust – Embark on Your Journey: Wanderlust has gained a loyal following due to its stunning interface and personalized trail suggestions. Hikers appreciate its easy-to-use offline maps and social networking integration. The app’s emphasis on visual highlights adds to its popularity.

5 Best Free Hiking App With Offline Maps

Offline Map Coverage Comparison

Exploro: Exploro provides extensive offline map coverage, ensuring hikers can access maps even in remote areas with no internet connectivity. The option to download maps before the hike allows for a seamless navigation experience.

TrailBlazer: TrailBlazer’s offline map coverage is also comprehensive, offering hikers reliable access to maps even in areas with poor cellular reception. The app’s downloadable maps enhance the user experience.

HikeMaster: HikeMaster’s offline map support is reliable, making it a suitable choice for hikers exploring less-traveled trails. The app ensures that users stay oriented throughout their journeys.

TrekTracker: TrekTracker boasts excellent offline map coverage, providing hikers with uninterrupted access to maps and trail details. The app’s maps are well-detailed and visually appealing.

Wanderlust: Wanderlust’s offline map coverage is extensive, allowing hikers to explore remote trails confidently. The app’s visually appealing offline maps enhance the overall hiking experience.

Safety and Emergency Features Comparison

Exploro: Exploro addresses safety concerns with emergency alerts and location-sharing options. Hikers can stay connected with their loved ones during their adventures.

TrailBlazer: TrailBlazer prioritizes safety with emergency alerts and SOS signals. Its virtual tracking feature ensures hikers can monitor their fellow hikers’ locations.

HikeMaster: HikeMaster provides hikers with emergency alerts and SOS signals, enhancing their safety during hikes. The app’s focus on personal safety is commendable.

TrekTracker: TrekTracker offers safety features, including emergency notifications and location sharing, providing hikers with peace of mind during their explorations.

Wanderlust: Wanderlust ensures hiker safety with emergency SOS and location-sharing features, allowing for a worry-free hiking experience.

Premium Features Value Proposition

Exploro: Exploro’s premium subscription offers advanced features such as additional trail data and enhanced community engagement, making it worthwhile for dedicated hikers seeking more insights.

TrailBlazer: TrailBlazer’s premium subscription unlocks exclusive features like detailed weather forecasts and extended trail difficulty ratings, providing added value to avid hikers.

HikeMaster: HikeMaster’s premium version offers access to in-depth hiking challenges and advanced trail recommendations, appealing to hikers seeking more challenging experiences.

TrekTracker: TrekTracker’s premium features include in-app photo sharing and an ad-free experience, catering to hikers who enjoy sharing their adventures and desire a seamless app experience.

Wanderlust: Wanderlust’s premium subscription provides personalized journey recommendations and exclusive trail highlights, enhancing the hiking experience for curious explorers.

5 Best Free Hiking App With Offline Maps


 Hiking apps with offline maps are invaluable tools for outdoor enthusiasts, enhancing navigation, safety, and community engagement. Hikers can make informed decisions about the best hiking app that suits their preferences and needs.

In conclusion, these top 5 free hiking apps with offline maps cater to various hiking requirements and preferences, ensuring an enjoyable and safe hiking experience for all outdoor enthusiasts.


1. Are these hiking apps completely free to use?

While the core features of these apps are free, some advanced functionalities may require a premium subscription.

2. Can I use these apps in areas with no cellular network?

Yes, all the mentioned apps offer offline map support, ensuring uninterrupted usage in areas with no internet connection.

3. Are the user reviews authentic and reliable?

The user reviews are submitted by real hikers and provide valuable insights into each app’s performance and features.

4. Do these apps consume a lot of battery during hikes?

While these apps use GPS, they are optimized to minimize battery consumption. It’s advisable to carry a power bank for longer hikes.

5. Can I track my hiking statistics and progress using these apps?

Yes, all the apps mentioned allow you to track your hike statistics, such as distance covered, elevation, and time taken.


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